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Optical center

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Optical Center is France’s first store to allow reading glasses online purchase.

Main goals

  • Redesign User Interface and User Experience
  • Be able to align with current web trends and thus respond to the strategy of the company Optical Center.
  • Proposal covers the scenarios on the Eyeglasses and Sunglasses product pages up to the payment page.

Pain points

  • Unattractive UX & hard to access data
  • A homepage far from the standards of the current web even if 20% of Traffic begins with it.
  • Unattractive user journey
  • Some part of the site is difficult to access
  • Non-optimal use on mobile
  • Non-alignment with current web standards in terms of interfaces Basic principle at UX level not respected (Call to Action, Primary Button, etc.)


To create a brand's visual identity, it is important to understand its environment, starting with the sector to which it belongs.

  • Improvement and simplification of the existing
  • Update of the e-commerce site aligned with current web trends
  • It's values, expertise and axes of differentiation
Our main goal was to redesign the existing website and make it more user friendly .

Our Basket Management makes the whole buying process much easier

Optical Center basket management
Optical Center virtual tour

The virtual tour improves the user’s buying experience without leaving home.

Optical Center screens

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